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The Story

​Closetful of Books began with Denise Tan and Kelvin Ng in 2013.

Denise spent 6 years working with Bookaburra Books and a few years before that studying Mass Communications and English Literature. She spends most of her time reading but of course, that is her job.

Kelvin is trained as an engineer and is stereotypically meticulous and assiduous. He spends every other second wondering how he ended​ up working with literature and the rest of the time he spends taking care of Closetful of Books' operations and finances.

Because we grew up accompanied by magical stories and continue to believe in the power that lies between the pages of a book, we would love for as many kids as possible to have the same. We know that there isn't a child in the world who can do without a book and that every child can become a super-duper voracious reader.

​​With that as a mantra, we visit schools with a vast and specially-curated selection of picture books, early readers, novels, non-fiction titles and graphic novels for book fairs and extend superlative library consultancy services. And since we relish any opportunity to go on about books, we quite happily conduct workshops for parents and teachers about reading for pleasure and growing a child's reading repertoire.

Closetful of Books is also the distributor of some fantastic children's literature and because we enjoy basking in the company of really talented and dedicated authors, we offer editorial and marketing services too.​​​

We've also had the pleasure of being the official bookstore for these literary events,
Asian Festival of Children's Content 2015, 2016 and 2017
Words Go Round 2016 and 2017
All In Young Writers Media Festival​​ 2015, 2016 and 2017
Singapore Writers Festival for Families
Singapore International Storytelling Festival 2014
Singapore Literature Prize 2014

If you'd like more of the tale of Closetful of Books, The A-List recently asked Denise what's her story and was so very kind. Also,, a newsletter for students in Singapore, asked about our thoughts on reading for pleasure. Denise is suitably loquacious here.​​​​​​